3 Major Ranking Factors That Are Often Ignored

When it comes to Search Engine Optimization (SEO), people tend to focus on high-profile, well discussed, and frequently practiced techniques like link building and content aggregation. Wherein, there are many other highly ignored parameters are there which can be proven as a game changer in SEO industry. According to Matt Cutts, former head of the web-spam team at Google, there are more than 200 parameters Google takes under consideration to gauge a site’s eligibility to rank well at SERP.

At this moment of time, thinking just one or few parameters like link building and content accumulation can take you notches high would not do the justice of its viability and will be proven pseudo. This is the prime reason why certain ranking techniques adopted my many of digital marketers pass into oblivion quite sooner as they are mostly based on a few of parameters that google want to see.

Covering all those 200 parameters are far beyond the scope of this article but to add a tint of charisma for digital marketers, I am going to entail a few but crucial of them here below in this article. Hope, it will somehow help you rank better on Google.

  1. User’s Review:

People around the globe are prone to take this as a glib factor for ranking. User’s reviews are as crucial for SEO as other techniques as they can do wonders if used pragmatically.

This practice starts when a user uses your products/services. All you need to do is to follow them up and ask their experiences with it. If they like your products/services, they will give avid responses that will help build a trust relation with them.

Like the one in this:



When they are happy with you, they can easily be translated into your promotional channel. You just ask them to write some reviews about your products/services on high authority review sites, and they will do so without any second thought. This way the authority juice will follow to your site and help boost your ranking like never before.

  1. Events / Conferences / Meet-ups:

Another mistake most of the digital marketers do is by underestimating the slew advantage of events, conferences or meet-ups. They consider them as mere offline activities that are not capable of buttressing search engine ranking.

In order to get out of this hackneyed, one needs to take this as a great opportunity to make a connection with like-minded people. You can discuss your ideas and visions about your niche and their support can corroborate in making your vision a step closer. Your mutual support can bolster both of your campaigns and help you reach new horizons.

  1. User Experience UX:

A rotten apple can be sold in a basket of fresh ones. This is not a mere quotation but an inevitable reality that once understood and accepted can do wonders. The virtual experience is moving from personal computers to portable devices with an exceptional pace. In order to stay in the game, you need to unleash yourself from the obsolete user experience.

            A piece of great content can be buried under a bad website design. No one likes to struggle with the web page in order to read something. To ensure an assuaging reading experience for your readers, you should have a nice UX for your webpage. It will reduce the bounce rate of your website drastically. And we all know how higher bounce rates can create havoc on our overall SEO.

            In addition, the UX can be improved easily by taking proper action and putting ourselves in our reader’s shoes.

There are so many things that can be done to ensure a good user experience like by reducing page load time, optimizing images sizes, using easy and proper navigation for readers, etc.

These were some of the parameters that are often ignored by the practitioners around the globe. If you think these can be proven really crucial from getting your site stuck from page 3 to page 1, please feel free to try this out and if it works the say it was anticipated, don’t forget to share your experience with us by leaving a comment below. We would love to hear from you and would certainly revert at the earliest.

May the joy be with you!

                                                                                                                                                                          Neeraj Sinha

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