Healthcare in India: A report on Leprosy

We are currently experiencing great advancement in technology. Technological developments have transformed our society, economy and has made revolutionary improvements in healthcare. Indian economy is the seventh largest in the world by nominal GDP and purchasing power parity. The country is one among the G-20 economies and a member of BRICS nations. In spite of all these development,   our country is still unable to eradicate  the menace of one of the oldest and deadliest infectious diseases in the world- leprosy. When there are no reported cases of leprosy in Europe for the past five years, India still has more than five lakhs people suffering from the disease. Brazil, another developing country and a BRICS nation also has thousands of leprosy cases reported in the past few years.  Leprosy has been classified as a neglected tropical disease by World Health Organization and is considered as  “the disease of the poor “.  It is also associated  with insurmountable stigma and discrimination. It is not only a health menace, but is also a disease which creates social barrier, isolation and immense human suffering. A little effort  from our  side can improve the current situation.  In this brief report, we have tried to address the global burden, pathogenesis, treatment,  social  and legal issues related to leprosy  and have made an effort to  make the Indian people know that in spite of  great developments in healthcare, this ancient disease still thrives in the dark corner of our society.








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