Anger, frustration, irritation and of course depression are among the common emotions encountered in everyday lives. On the other hand, diabetes and heart ailments are among the frequently reported health disorders. Surprisingly, one small word links these disorders and the negative emotions- SLEEP!

Rigorous diet plans and medicines are the preferred options by which people decide to ward off the ill-effects of a hectic life. But have any of us really thought about our health? Are we truly concerned about ourselves? If not for ourselves, we should and must make an effort to take care of ourselves for the sake of our treasured ones.

Why is sleep important?

Sleep deprivation is the leading reason behind several of the well-known accidents in the Indian history as well as the world. The nuclear meltdown that occurred in Chernobyl in the year 1986 and the explosion of Challenger- the space shuttle were stated to be caused due to overworked and sleep deprived workers. Not to mention the road accidents that occurs in every country as a consequence of fatigue, tension and inattentiveness.

Some of the following reasons may however, give one the reasons to think about the need and importance of sleep.


Then again, a daily dose of good night’s sleep can help one in:

  • Boosting immunity
  • Less gain of weight
  • Better performance
  • Mental well-being
  • Increasing fertility
  • Better learning ability and memory

What are the ways to sleep better?

Following a few tips may help avoid insomnia and get a sound sleep such as:

  • Daily exercise
  • Light dinner
  • Less alcohol consumption
  • Regular routine: early to bed, early to rise
  • Lots of water daytime and sips of water before bed
  • Less caffeine
  • Avoid work away from work
  • Maintain distance from gadgets before bedtime.

And finally, one might ask- how much of sleep is good for health?

Even though eight hours of proper sleep is advised per day for an average person, the amount of sleep required differs for each individual. Some may require a bit more or a bit less. However, it is more essential to get a peaceful sleep than to maintain the routine of eight hours.


Last but not the least, we should always remember- one gains a lot by giving a little rest to the body, especially the brain. So let’s not be selfish and let’s do our little bit for the body as-

‘A bright day starts with a healthy mind!’

Meghna Chakraborty

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