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How to get unlimited likes on your facebook page?

What I am going to share today is something that is not practiced by more than a few but who knows this are bound to make the difference in your online brand setting. No one can deny the fact that a great online presence can sky rocket your brand value and company’s growth. People lately, have started measuring the value of a brand by the number of page likes, followers and social shares you have on different social media platforms.

The fact is ubiquitous and millions of social media activists and digital marketers are in the race of online reputation management and this is what makes it an ordeal for every tom, dick and harry to supersede.

Well lately, individuals as well as organizations are having social media brand pages viz. A Facebook Page that is super easy to create within a couple of minutes but building audience and a driving thousands of likes to their pages is where they resign. It has become so difficult that 80% of all social media pages die before they cross even 1000 likes. The biggest mistake they commit is their reliance on driving organic likes. Not to mention, facebook algorithms are developed in a way that limits your reach to a mere number of people in your network. So, where lies the solution?

Considering this fact of difficulty, I will try explain a social media hack that will give you the ultimate weapon to transcend this problem forever and the best part is… “It is super easy and involves fun in the process”.

But, before I start taking you to the next level, I would like you to understand a term named “Like Ladders”. Like ladder is a special kind of facebook group specially built to cater this certain need of likeminded people around the globe. The one and only principle this group has, is a mutual agreement among peers/members of the group, for liking their pages at an exchange for liking others’ pages. To put in simple words, YOU LIKE MY PAGE AND I WILL LIKE YOURS IN RETURN.

How to Really Do It?

  1. You have to login to your facebook account (You should not use your personal account for this, Recommended! As you will be flooded with group notifications)
  2. Once you are logged in, search for Like Ladders
  3. Once you get the search results, click on groups
  4. Once you click on groups, it should list you all the groups that are like ladders
  5. The next thing you need to do is apply for their memberships
  6. Your membership should get approved within a couple of hours as these groups are hyperactive groups. Approval happens within few minutes few a times
  7. Once you get the approval, all you need to do is to visit the like ladder groups and post your facebook page link there
  8. Additionally, you can like other posted facebook pages by other members and comment your facebook page link in their comments. So that, they know you liked their pages and they will automatically come and like your facebook pages. It’s a deal, no backing out there
  9. You can take it further to another level by like other facebook pages under comments and leaving your facebook page links in their replies. This way you will start a viral and automated chain of likes to your facebook page
  10. You are done! Now, wait and watch the likes flowing on to your facebook page in discussion

I understand and acknowledge this article being laconic but I welcome any query or concerns if you have. You can always leave your comment below to learn this process in detail and I would love to guide you further in developing the sense of online reputation building and management.

May the joy be with you!

-Neeraj Sinha

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