Medical Crime and Healthcare Policy: Who are our enemies?

Vegetius, who was a writer and a bureaucrat from the fifth century Roman Empire had developed a treatise in Latin. The most frequently quoted line from the treatise is “si vis pacem, para bellum” which means in English- if you want peace, prepare for war. Ever increasing the military budget of India exemplifies the application of the age-old treatise in strengthening Indian military prowess.  Indian defense budget increased by 9.76% to Rs 2.58 lakh crore in 2016-2017 fiscal year. A final phase of negotiations is going on the purchase of Apache, Rafale fighter jets, Kamov and Chinook helicopters and the M777 lightweight howitzers.  There is no doubt that once again India   has placed herself at the top of the list of countries importing advanced arms and equipment of modern warfare.  It has surpassed China and Pakistan who are also major importers of arm and weapons from several weapon making countries.  Kudos to our prime minister, finance minister and defense minister for such a remarkable achievement. There is no denial of the fact that to “talk” to a “superpower” you need to have acquired some level of   “power”.

But, Dear Prime Minister, Who are our enemies? Do they live inside or outside the country? Is there any enemy in country’s own political and administrative system including healthcare administration? Everybody knows that there is an incurable happy wheels demo gangrene, but the problem is that people are afraid of the surgery.

But, recently, we have come to know two people who were not afraid of surgeries!!! One is T Rajkumar Rao, akka “Saline” Rao and another is Deepak Kar akka “Kaka”.  Their surgical modus operandi is indeed extraordinarily “unbelievable.”  According to published report in, police estimates claim that Rao has made 100 crores of rupees in a span of 15 months.  He is considered the “kingpin” in illegal organ transplantation (kidney) racket in the country.  According to the report of, hospitals and clinics in West Bengal and Delhi may be involved in the illegal organ transplantation network orchestrated by “saline” Rao.  There is no room for doubt that   the entire operation has been carried out   in connivance with a network of doctors and healthcare professionals who had chosen the path of crime, forgetting the solemn oath they took while joining their professions.

The reported incident again has raised several questions in our mind. Is there any need of the special agency to check healthcare or medical crimes? Is there any need for strengthening legislations related to medical crimes? Is there any requirement of appointing well-experienced police personnel in medical decision-making committee? All these questions can be answered, once the pertinent question is answered correctly….. “Who are our enemies?”


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