What is AWS (Amazon Web Services)?

Amazon web Service (AWS) is the product of Amazon. Amazon web service is the world largest Cloud web server and started in 2003. Now we are in 2016, from 2003 to 2016 AWS is the World’s largest web server.

We know amazon.com is the world largest online shopping store, recently they opened amazon.in in India as well. In the same fashion amazon decided to launch Cloud based web server called AWS. They made infrastructure for the Cloud web server and finally they launch the Cloud based web server and also they hosted amazon.com in AWS only.


Why 35% of the world using AWS?

Yes, this is true 35% of the websites and web apps are hosted on AWS only, including world’s biggest MNC’s also they will prefer AWS. It’s unbelievable because so many other hosting servers also exist but why people prefer only AWS what’s the reason for that.

The reason is amazon web service providing that much of flexible options to the users, yes there is no words to explain the amazon web service but simply I can say amazon web service is amazing services in the world.

AWS have 20+ cloud based services  with the help of this cloud services  you can host your website, web application and all the other things as well, we can easily say that it is providing the end to end solution to the users, once started using the AWS service 200% sure you will love this services.

AWS services:

  • EC2 (Elastic cloud compute)
  • S3 (Amazon simple storage)
  • RDS (Amazon Relational Database)
  • SNS (Simple Notification service)
  • VPS (Virtual private cloud system)
  • Game Lift
  • Simple DB (Amazon Simple Database)
  • SQS (Amazon Simple queue Services)
  • Cloud Front
  • Route 53
  • ETC

Amazon started the cloud based web service with the all the above services, I just listed some of the important services of the amazon still so many services are there I will explain in my next posts, now we will some AWS major services in depth.

EC2 (AWS Elastic Cloud Compute)

Amazon EC2 is the one of the main and major service of the AWS, EC2 stands for Elastic Cloud compute, and EC2 is main used to host your websites. Through amazon EC2 you can create your own instance, instance means rather than setup Physical server in your office you can create or setup your own server on  cloud.

Wide range of EC2 instances are available in Amazon like it’s all depending upon clients like you, for example if you need one cloud based server with very lesser price as well as you don’t want to compromise in quality also you can create one very small instance free in AWS.

AWS EC2 provides ultimate options like, anytime you can add extra volume into server and you can take create the image of the instance also you can take N number of backup in AWS EC2. One more important thing in AWS is you can create your own load balancer as well.

S3 (AWS Storage Service)

Amazon S3 is the most popular service of AWS, The main use of S3 is Cloud storage. Nowadays everyone wants to keep their data in cloud. The reason is anytime and anywhere you can access your data without any interruption.

In AWS S3 you can create your bucket and keep you’re all the data inside the bucket, bucket means it’s just a folder according to amazon technical term. Here you can upload zip files or any other images or whatever you want keep your important data.

The one main benefit of S3 is you can store your data and if you want to share any of your data with your friends or your clients.  You can give the credentials to public view as well. I have tried other cloud storage service as well but according to me AWS S3 is the Best.

RDS (Relational Database System)

Amazon RDS (Relational Database systems) is used to store the Relational Database or you can say it’s used to create an instance for Relational Database. The main use of RDS is to keep Relational Database.

VPS (Virtual Private System)

Virtual Private System means you can create your own Virtual private server, in this VPS you will get one dedicated IP address and you create private IP as well. If you want to setup your own hosting things you easily achieve it through the VPS. For example you want to setup your own server and in that server you can host your all client websites and you can do whatever you want because that complete dedicated VPS belongs to you only. This is the biggest advantage of the VPS.

SNS (Amazon simple notification service)

Amazon SNS is used for the notification, notification in the sense for example if you want to send some notification like push messages to your website users you can send the push notifications or any other notification to your website users you can send through the SNS.

Route 53

Amazon Route 53 is one of the important service of AWS. With the help of Route 53 you can create Name servers. Amazon giving this Route 53 because EC2 will only give the IP address not a name server. Some domain providers need only the name server not an IP address to point from your domain name to your server.

Even AWS S3 also you can host you static website but S3 will give the URL not Domain name so in this case you can create your name server through Route 53.

AWS offering wide range of cloud services, in this post I mentioned some of the major services of AWS still so many other services are there, I will explain in deep all the other services in my next posts.


AWS stands for Amazon web services, AWS is the largest cloud based web server in the world. AWS providing 20+ cloud based services in AWS like EC2, Cloud Front, S3, RDS, SNS, Route 53 and etc. AWS providing end to end cloud based services, you can setup your own cloud server in very cheaper price.

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