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Why Magento is best platform for e-commerce website development


Magento is a most powerful e-commerce platform to construct and run the e-commerce website easily without any other problems. According to the e-commerce website survey in 2016, all over the world 58% of the e-commerce websites are made by Magento platform.

There are number of content management systems available in market for free like Woocommerce, Open Cart, and Nop Commerce etc. But why more than 58% of e-Commerce sellers choose Magento as their preferred CMS (Content Management System).

Let us look deep into this. Here are the few things that are better off Magento as a CMS than any other CMS.


13 Reasons Why Magento is Best CMS for e-commerce

  1. Open source
  2. Complete E-commerce Package
  3. Run on any Hosting Service
  4. No limitation in terms of size
  5. Easy to integrate Extensions
  6. Module Customization
  7. Good Speed
  8. SEO friendly
  9. Responsive (Run in all the Devices)
  10. Run Multiple stores
  11. Launch worldwide
  12. Easy to maintain
  13. Save Money and Time

Open Source

Magento is an open source, anybody can download the Magento and start developing their own e-commerce, no need to pay anything. For this one needs to go to the Magento official website and create one free account in Magento official website. But Magento is not only an open source, they also have the paid one.

Magento has three editions

  • Magento Community edition (Open source / free)
  • Magento Enterprise edition (Premium / paid)
  • Magento Go (paid and hosted on Magento server only)

Which one to choose

If you want to build your e-commerce store in free, go for Magento community addition, if you want the paid one you can go for the Magento Enterprise edition, if you really want to build your website and as well as run in the Magento server only then go for a Magento GO.

Complete E-commerce Package

Magento is like a complete e-commerce package, it contains all the necessary modules you needed to build your e-commerce we can also say it’s a readymade package for the e-commerce users. Magento include the modules like:

  • User dashboard
  • Product inventory system
  • Cart module
  • Checkout module
  • Payment options
  • Catalogue module
  • Product upload
  • Invoice system
  • Sales
  • Newsletter

Every user gets a dashboard to view the account details or orders, inventory system for keep track of products, cart modules for product cart, checkout option, payment option, invoice system and sales report, newsletter subscripts and so many other inbuilt modules.

Runs on any Hosting service

Magento will run in any hosting service like Windows, Linux, Ubuntu and etc. There is no rules in Magento you can only choose the Magento hosting server, just you develop your e-commerce site and host it in any of the hosting service whether cloud or normal hosting it does not matter for Magento.

No limitation in size

Yes, there is no limitation in Magento. Basically Magento is developed for the medium and large e-commerce websites, and it doesn’t matter your website is small or your website is too big. How much products you want to upload just upload the products and display it on your e-commerce site.

Note: Depending on your Magento website size choose the hosting service otherwise your website will not load properly.

Easy to integrate Extensions

Magento has thousands of extensions, extensions means Plugins or third party API’s (Application programming interface). In the Magento connect if you need any extension just go to the Magento connect and take the extension and install it in your Magento site. It’s just like a plug and play and also they have lot many free and premium themes for the look and feel of the website whichever the theme you like just install the theme in your Magento site.

Module Customization

In the above paragraph, we have mentioned Magento have a lot of modules, so if you want to customize your module go to the files and write the codes of your own. It will accept your code, but one thing you should remember, if you want to customize the module you should be knowing the Zend framework because Magento developed in a Zend-framework.

SEO Friendly

Magento is SEO (Search engine optimization) friendly CMS, it will help you to get better rank on google or any other search engines. For SEO, Magento have a separate module and configurations. If you want more then you can go for any other Extension also.

Responsive (Run in all the devices)

Magento e-commerce store is a responsive store by default, your store will run in all the devices like from the small device to large devices. But while choosing the theme only choose responsive theme or develop your own responsive store yourself.

Run Multiple stores

Magento has one more beautiful feature that is multiple store option. In a single Magento you can create N number of stores you want for the each store you can design a different layout, for example you are developing a e-commerce store for USA by default your site will open USA store, if anybody want to choose India store or England store they switch to India store or England store.

Easy to Maintain

Off course you can maintain your Magento store in very minimal amount of employee, it will not consume more people to maintain because everything in Magento is ready-made. The Magento module is developed in a very structural way so it will not consume more employees for maintenance.

Save Time and Money

If you go ahead with Magento CMS to develop your e-commerce we are sure it will not take that much of time and as well as money. Because Magento by default contains all the modules and functionalities just here that you need to customize the things and configure the things properly. If you need more customization obviously it will take some time but compared to any other languages or CMS Magento is the best platform to build your e-commerce.

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